Boob Tape: How to Tape Your Breasts With Duct Tape

By 18 February 2018

Taping up your breasts is the best way to defy the laws of gravity without wearing a bra. Or As Kim Kardashian would tell us, ideal for clothes that show a lot of skin.

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There are a number of different tapes that you can use for this with some of them being easier on the skin than others. A lot of girls do use duct tape or gaffer tape but it can be painful to remove.

Athletic tapes can also be used but they don’t always do the job quite as well.

If you are taping your breasts make sure you use nipple covers as otherwise, it is going to hurt.

Use Boob tape to lift boobs and enhance cleavage and have a night off from wearing a bra.

Using breast tape will enable you to wear tank tops, low-cut tops and backless dresses. Here are some tips:

How to tape your boobs

  • Start by cleaning the skin you want to tape. Make sure you don’t moisturize or apply deodorant before or after. Prime the area using cotton balls dampened with alcohol to enable the tape to stick better. Let it dry.
  • Cut 3-4 pieces of duct or gaffer tape, 12-16 inches each, depending on the width and breast size of your chest.
  • Now cover your nipples with nipple covers. (This is so that the boob tape can be removed easily with minimal pain from this sensitive part). Also covering your nipples will prevent them from being seen through your dress and stop them from chafing.
  • Slightly lean forward to lift your boobs. Stick one end of the tape underneath your left armpit, while at the same time, pulling and lifting your boobs together.

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