7 Obvious Signs of Gluten Intolerance that Everyone Ignores

Have you ever felt like doctors don’t take you seriously? You know that something is wrong with your health, but your practitioner is too quick to dismiss the concerns you experience. Through your own research you stumble upon this concept called gluten intolerance and realize that all of the signs of gluten sensitivity listed are identical to what you’re experiencing.

When I was in college, I too chased after elusive answers regarding my health while every doctor I saw felt my case wasn’t worth the time. A total of seven different doctors over the course of two years attributed my undiagnosed gluten intolerance(at the time) to other seemingly unrelated individual symptoms that got me nowhere.

All of my severe symptoms that were actually related to gluten were boiled down to “being a typical female college student” (what does that even mean?!), chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), chronic migraines, and one doctor even said I was just being paranoid.

Their solution was to throw medication at the various problems which included sleeping pills, separate anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medications, and muscle relaxants. Despite my persistent prodding for real answers and diagnostic testing, these common “fixes” were equivalent to placing the tiniest band-aid over a gaping wound—I was not being helped, healed, or listened to.