Chin Up and lose that double chin

Fat can show up in the form of double chin and you may end up being ridiculed for carrying an extra face. Many of us might feel embarrassed too.

If you take it lightly then it might become part of your personality. Then your selfie just won’t look good anymore and you will start avoiding getting clicked.


When a hypodermic sheet of fat around the neck droops to create sagging in the skin, it typically appears as Double-Chin. Genetics can drive a double chin too, as your body might be tuned to storing excess water under the chin or just store excess fat.

Ageing, can also cause double chin where you lose muscles across the body, the muscles around the chin weaken and your skin starts growing loose.

No matter what, our 3 prong approach to deal with your issue is rock solid. Do not forget to implement all three for best results.


Lets face it the double chin will take some honest efforts from you, but at the end its you who will look like diva/dude. The three ways suggested below can be your best way to get rid of that ugly double chin.

Use the mask that we recommend, mix the DIY tips, and perform the exercises and thats it. We guarantee results to die for –



Exercise your facial muscles and keep them toned by chewing a gum, preferably sugar free. Workout your face muscles several times daily over the next 10 days. Chewing Gums also keep your teeth and gums healthy as well as strong, so it’s a win-win.