Some like consuming red onion, and some avoid it because of the smell. But it’s the most healthy vegetable on earth when eaten raw. You can use the raw onion in any meal and it will give the dish excellent taste. Nonetheless, these 5 reasons will convince you to start eating red onion:

  1. Stops cancer cell growth

It sulfur richness keeps the body protected from ulcers and various cancers. Also kills bacteria in the urinary tract.

  1. Controls diabetes

Onions contain high concentrations of micronutrients called flavonoids, a group of plant-derived chemicals that have many health-related effects on your body. Quercetin is one of the most abundant flavonoids in onions; others include include cysteine and allyl propyl disulphide.

  1. Cures constipation

The fibers in onion will help with constipation. They force the toxins out of your intestines.

  1. Help with sore throat
  2. Nose bleeds

In order to stop nose bleeds, you should cut the onion in half and smell it.

  1. Heart guardian
  2. Lowers cholesterol levels

Balances the cholesterol levels and lower the bad cholesterol (LDL).