Eliminate Belly Fat In One Day With This Emergency Diet

Many experts in the world say that the so-called “emergency” diet is a diet plan that works great and works with incredible speed.

The emergency diet plan is ideal for people who have a specific time frame, and is especially useful for those who have an important event, but very little time to eliminate those extra pounds. As an added bonus, it detoxifies your body and cleanses the blood in just 24 hours.

The thing is that this diet plan can help remove several pounds of belly fat in a single night. Sounds good, does not it? What makes this diet so effective is that apart from removing those extra pounds, it also burns belly fat and in that way flattens your stomach.

This is very important to remember: The best thing about this diet is that the diet plan is based only on juices, shakes and teas, which will help eliminate waste from your body much faster. As we mentioned before, this diet plan is very simple and easy to follow. Here’s what you have to do:


Emergency diet plan

  • 08:00: Drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice.
  • 10:00: Drink a glass of water with orange juice or apple
  • 12:00: have a cup of green tea.
  • 13:00: take a glass of cold water with carrot juice
  • 15:00: have a cup of tea that you like.