How to Get Long Hair Fast at Home

Following are the few ways and home remedies to get long hair naturally

Long hair is an easy way to get revenge while often I am so much jealous when I saw anyone with long hairs, not only me, but all of us have a same exact feeling. Six months ago I went through a layer cutting I was quite happy with it but after one month I start missing my long hairs and want them to grow back fast. Hair grows only half inch every month, but I found so shortcuts to growing them 2 inches per month yes it’s correct, not only your hair grows fast, but you see a positive change on your hair appearance. Please follow below things if you want to grow your hair fast and want thicker hair too.

1. Eat Healthy diet to get long hair

Everyone say eat protein because it’s important for hair growth but I think there are lot more vitamins and minerals which are also necessary to get long hairs. Mainly we see grey hairs due to copper deficiency, so hurry up and grab a basket and fill it with a food that consists of vitamin E, A, D, C, and B complex, biotin, iron, zinc, copper. You can also take supplements if you want, but these vitamins are very important for hair growth. So now you are thinking that which foods we include in our diet to get all these vitamins and minerals don’t worry I will tell you, include all dairy products like yoghurt, milk, cheese, include all types of meat whether it’s red meat or white meat or see foods, add whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables you can also make a breakfast juice consists of carrot, apple, orange and grapefruits it not only boost your immune system and gives you a flawless skin but also help in hair growth.


2. Massage your scalp to get long hair

As I told my many readers to do hot oil treatment twice a week to promote hair growth, so today I decided to add it in this post so my other reader also knows the benefits of hot oil massage and they also know how to do it properly. As massaging your scalp stimulate blood circulation and hot oil treatment also deep condition your scalp and hairs too, as it very important not only for your scalp but the hairs which are below shoulders because they are several-year-old and they want proper care too. So for hot oil treatment first choice which oil you want to use as I mix coconut, olive and almond oil in equal quantity, you can choose whatever you want. Just warm the oil little bit then flip you head down and start applying oil and massaging your scalp for at least 10 to 15 minutes, after that take 5 minute break, take a hot towel cover your head with it, let it stay for 15 to 20 minutes, then shampoo your hair with regular shampoo and use conditioner, as your hair absorbs these oils and leaves your hair soft and shines also it helps you to get long hairs.