How To Start When You Have 50+ Pounds To Lose in 4 months

Work Out During Your Four-Month Weight Loss

When you’re going for an aggressive weight loss goal, you’ll need to increase the number of calories you burn through activity. Getting more active makes it easier to create that 1,400-calorie “gap” you need for weight loss without depriving yourself of essential nutrition. Plan on regular cardio sessions to burn more calories. Create a varied cardio schedule that alternates longer, moderate-intensity exercise — like a 60-minute workout on the elliptical — with shorter interval workouts that increase your metabolism.

You’ll also need to include strength training in your routine to shed weight safely. Pumping iron isn’t necessarily the best calorie-burner, but it helps maintain and build lean muscle, which increases your metabolism. Strength training is especially important when you’re trying to lose weight fast. With rapid weight loss, you’ll tend to lose muscle as well as fat, and weightlifting can minimize your muscle loss. Perform full-body strength training workouts three times a week, generally, on the same day as your lower-intensity cardio workouts.

Plan for Plateaus

While it’d be nice to lose 3 pounds each and every week, weight loss doesn’t always come steadily. And when you’re going for a significant 50-pound loss, you should expect at least one weight loss plateau, in which your weight loss stalls temporarily.

That doesn’t mean you can’t work through each plateau, though. Break through a plateau by incorporating more protein into your meal plan, especially your breakfast, recommends California State University. Protein increases your metabolism, so it can help you get back on track with fat loss. Double-check you’re hitting your calorie targets and staying on track with your meal plan; you might find that small “extra” snacks or condiments are interfering with weight loss.

Surprisingly, giving yourself some time off from the gym might help you work through a plateau. While exercise is great for your health, it’s also a form of stress, and too much stress can actually inhibit weight loss. Cut your workouts down to three days a week, recommends CSU. Once you start losing weight gain, you can scale your workouts back up to keep losing weight and reach your goal.