Learn The Art On How To Curl Long Hair In 10 Minutes

If you have long straight hair and would like to bring about a change or have a makeover done to your looks, think of the crimps and curls you could flaunt. Curling and crimping hair, doesn’t take much time and wouldn’t charge you a bomb, if you know how to curl long hair in 10 minutes.

Here’s How To Curl Long Hair, The Safe Way

Today we would like to share with you a couple of ideas on how to curl long hair in 10 minutes, especially if you have more than just the shoulder length to long hair. Take a look at the mini guide below with pictures that show you step by step on how to curl long hair in 10 minutes.

1. Wild Curls

To get your straight hair into wild sassy curls, we would want you to grab plenty of foil paper and a styling product. Start by dampening your hair and applying a little styling serum to the locks. Don’t use too much serum or it would bring about an oily look, and never apply serum to the root and the scalp, but just the mid section of the hair strands to the tips of the hair. Now partition your hair into tiny sections and fold them into small pieces of foil paper. Over each paper balled up hair, use a straightening tong to add a little heat for a couple of seconds. Do this thrice and then remove the heat. One by one remove the foils and allow the curls to fall free.

How To Curl Long Hair

2. No Heat Curls

If you do not fancy using heat on the hair to make them crimpy and curled, you can still have your waves. For this you would need to dampen an old tee of yours, and place it on the crown of your head in a circular fashion. Now what you should do is to take the hair strands from each portion and twist or entwine it into the tee roll on the top of your head (check the pic below). Wait for ten minutes until the wet tee dampens and sets the curls. Slowly remove the tee and part by part allow the hair to fall; some of it would be damp, which is okay. Wait for a couple of seconds and then brush your hair.

How To Curl Hair Fast