Lose Easily 10 Pounds With This Wonderful 2 Day Diet

This amazing two day diet can be a great way to jump start your metabolism and prep your body for a long-term diet. The good thing about dieting for only two days is that it’s not a long time. Adhering to a few short-term rules in order to lose weight, is very achievable. You can stay disciplined and shed some extra pounds through healthy eating and healthy exercise. If you reduce the amount of calories you eat, fast for a couple days, and eat regularly for the rest of the week you can maximize your weight loss.

 Lose Easily 10 Pounds With This Wonderful 2 Day Diet

The goal is to limit the foods that cause so-called oxidative stress and load your body with pure products to feel refreshed. The fiber in fruits and vegetables and the tea with mint and ginger will help you to improve digestion.

It is also important to “rehydrate” because often in our busy daily lives, we forget to take the right amount of fluids and so our cells suffer. It is also important to load your body with antioxidants and vitamin C.

We recommend you to make this regime at weekends when you have more time for yourself and especially for loosening effect.

Lose Easily 10 Pounds With This Wonderful 2 Day Diet


20 minutes before you eat, drink a glass of warm water; pot of low fat yogurt (add 1 squeezed lemon juice); green tea;

Before lunch
Fresh fruit or vegetables (optional) – 200 ml

Vegetable soup with no fat – peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli boiled and mashed. You can add only a little salt and pepper to taste.

Ginger tea; 1 grapefruit

Salad of grated beetroot, carrot and radish; mint tea

If you want, you can continue your diet more than 48 hours, but no more than four days. It is extremely important in the days after, to eat mostly fruits and vegetables, do not eat heavy meat and fatty foods.