She Poured Listerine On a Cotton Ball And Then Rubbed Her Armpits. After a Few Minutes She Could Not believe Her Own Eyes!

The Million-Dollar Question – Why Listerine?

Usually people use Listerine only as a mouthwash, however the real fact is that the inventors of Listerine had much more in mind. Listerine was formulated in 1879 and originally it was developed as a surgical antiseptic and has been used for all sorts of things. Moreover, Listerine wasn’t marketed for bad breath until the 1970s. The reason why Listerine can be used in so many creative ways is for the reason that it contains helpful ingredients such as thyme, eucalyptus and alcohol.

  • Rub It Under Your Arms

In case you ever find yourself in a situation without deodorant, you shouldn’t panic, we have the perfect solution for you. You just need to pour some Listerine onto a cotton ball and gently dab it under your arms. Listerine is going to help you fight underarm odors whenever you are in a pinch.

  • Soak Your Feet in It

If you are dealing with toenail fungus, once again Listerine is the perfect solution. You just need to make yourself a Listerine foot bath and allow your toes to soak for about 30 minutes. You can also add a little bit of white vinegar for very bad cases.