This Woman Covered Her Abdomen With Apple Cider Vinegar. Upon Awakening From, She Was Tremendous Surprise

All women fervently want to have a flat, or beach, abdomen, perhaps not marked, but flat enough to look good, even if you have a wide hips.

Infinite methods have been created for this to happen, the downside is that many of these methods, are very long term, are exhausting or are even too costly to perform. We can not make the decision between bringing food to the table or making us an aesthetic.

Well, for those women who can not make an aesthetic right now, we bring a secret to lower the measures of the abdomen. Apple cider vinegar is well known for the amount of use we can give it.


Surely you know what can happen to your belly if you apply a little white vinegar apples every night. Best of all, it will not only help you to lose weight, but also put a little hand with the marks that you have in the abdomen, as it will help to clarify them.

A woman, called Coleen, was testing this method and said that in three days she saw results, indicated that her stomach was thinner, firmer and flat as she had wanted. She commented: “I was convinced by a friend, so I bought the algae lotion, the plastic wrap, the bandages and the apple vinegar”

What you should do is apply a thin layer of algae lotion on the stomach, place the transparent paper that has been used for years to lose weight, and then dip the dressings in the apple vinegar and place them before going to bed. Coleen claimed that, in one night, he had lost 2.5 inches of his waist.

The secret of the efficiency of this technique lies in the loss of accumulated water. Try to do it in a time of the year where you sweat more easily. And, remember that for this technique to have a more remarkable result you must accompany it with cardiary exercises and a good diet.

The diet is going to boost the results, not to do it this way a few days will increase again by water compensation. Try to see how it works and tell your friends about this experience.

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