If you are overweight, it is not uncommon to have excess fat on your arms, usually referred to as flabby arms. They can significantly ruin your summer look. If you are embarrassed by them, and you do not feel comfortable to wear sleeveless shirts, you are not alone.

However, with the right toning program, you can see results within a matter of weeks. So, why does fat accumulate on that part of the body? Is there some way to treat this specific spot?

Why Does Stubborn Fat End Up There?
1. Lack of exercise

If you do not use these particular muscles much, the fat will end up there. If your work does not require you to lift some heavy weights, it is harder to stay naturally toned.

Therefore, if you practice Pilates, yoga, dance or any other physical activity, you will exercise your arms.

2. Overall Excess Weight Gain

If you gain excess weight, it will normally affect the underarms. However, are women vulnerable to accumulation of fat in the underarm area?

The American Council on Exercise has pointed out that women’s bodies are more prone to underarm fat than men. Men have an overall muscle mass in the body, so this problem mainly affects women.

Manage the Underarm and Overall Flab:
In order to tone your arms, you should work your triceps not in isolation but along the other groups of muscles. Women find the underarm fat the most stubborn fat to lose, but the experts claim that men find belly fat the most stubborn.

With a little determination and hard work, you can quickly remove the underarm fat. It does not mean that the fat is stubborn, but you should have a strong willingness to remove it.

Resistance training and weight training can help you retain the lean muscle mass so that you won’t lose muscles along with the fat.