What A Woman’s Sleeping Position Reveals About Her

If it’s something humans are particularly good at, it’s sleeping. There is no better feeling than a lie-in on a Saturday or the feeling of fresh sheets before you snuggle up in your newly-made bed for the night. It seems that everyone has their own way of sleeping soundly and everyone knows that without a fully-plumped pillow, a good night’s sleep just won’t happen.

We all love a good kip, and a great night’s sleep always sets us up for the day ahead. But did you know that how you sleep is indicative of who you are and your characteristics? Read on for a few clues about your personality just by looking at your sleeping positions.

1. The Board

Tensing up whilst you sleep? Like your sleep on the straight and narrow? Not one for curling up under the covers? This means you’re pretty quiet and reserved in comparison to your sleeping counterparts. You may also have a slightly inflated sense of self, and not afraid to let go and party if the time calls for it!

None of these fit your sleeping pattern? Maybe you sleep on your side, or snore so loud the walls shake? Read on for more tips and types of sleeping position, and what it says about you!

Ever wondered what your sleeping position says about you? Well, we’ve got the answers! So far, we’ve covered the Freefall, the Hugger and the Board, but if none of these float your boat then read on to see if these sleeping patterns sound like yours.