When Your Body Alerts You: These Are The Signs That Indicate Health Problems

It is commonly known that our body system is in constant action. A lot of changes occur all the time and if something odd happens, we can feel it. But, despite our awareness that something could be wrong we often don’t take those signals for granted. However, it is better to prevent the problem rather than wait to see what happens.

Here is a list of some of the signs that our body gives out and shouldn’t be ignored.
Dry skin
Dry skin shows a deficiency of vitamin E. If so, incorporate nuts, seed oil and oil-rich fish in your daily nutrition.
Thin hair and nails
Your body shows a lack of calcium and vitamin B. Daily consumption of milk, potatoes, tomatoes, germinated grain bread and grains.
Craving for salty foods
This is a strong indicator that there is some kind of infection in the genitourinary system.
Cravings for sugary foods
It’s probably caused by an emotional stress and your body is in need of glucose. Take a teaspoon of honey or a dark chocolate bar to prevent problems in your digestive tract.